All Star Tooele Climbing Wall


Whether it's raining or just too hot to play outside, you don't have to resign yourself to having your energetic kids running around the house.

Come climb our 27' high, three belay wall. climbing is not just a great way to stay in shape and get the kids off the couch, it improves their balance, their cognitive thinking, their problem solving, and it can be a lifelong fitness activity. It's an activity the whole family can do together.

We use an auto-belay system, meaning you can just clip onto a rope that will lower you automatically when you want to climb down, so you don't need a spotter or much climbing knowledge.

Our wall is set for four routes. "Easy", "Intermediate", "Advanced", or "Whatever Works". You can make it to the top or go half way and you always have the opportunity to improve your climgbing as you master one of the easier routes and move to one of the harder routes.

Make it to the top???? RING THE BELL!!! Located at the top of each belay is a bell. Let the world, or at least everyone in the building, know you made it.

15 MIN-$5.00        35 MIN-$10.00        50 MIN-$15.00